wind chime in front of house
wind chime low road background
wind chime low view
wind chime low zoomed in
wind chime with "love" written on sail
432 Hz Wind Chime.

432 Hz Wind Chime.

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432 Hz - MAJOR SCALE - 8 Note Octave

With nicknames like the "Miracle Tone" and "Nature's Frequency," 432 Hertz is the most revered pitch in sound healing. The number 432 is imbedded into things such as sacred geometry, measurements of time, planetary sizes and alignments, as well as being referenced in many sacred scriptures. These chimes can be used to provide a pleasant and peaceful aura. 

Click the PLAY BUTTON above for audio sample.

Choose from 5 wind sail styles to go on your chime.

* 1 1/2 inch aluminum round tube

* Longest tube is 28 inches