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sound bath wind chimes

Live In Harmony

Made in the USA with USA made materials.

The Ultimate Boutique Wind Chimes.

$18.99 Shipping anywhere in the US!


"We have ours hanging outside under our deck above our patio. It’s perfect placement because you can hear it all over our yard, but also when the kitchen windows are open the sound travels through. It’s such a tranquil, therapeutic sound."

Rachyl from La Cross, Wisconsin

"My chimes make me feel calm and relaxed which is beneficial when I return home from working 12+ hour shift in our local ICU. The sounds resonate longer than any chimes I have owned. I love being able to hear them from many different locations in my house."

Becky from LaSalle, Illinois

"These wind chimes are one of a kind, I dig them so much!! Their handcrafted beauty/design and unique melodic sounds aren't like any other wind chime I've heard."

Fawn from Cincinnati, OH